The Hit Guitar

My stylish project amp, in all its monophonic glory…

Hit GuitarI’ve been trying to make music and noise from electronic gadgets and components. I wanted to make an amplifier that I could accidentally fry and not be upset about, so I made this one from the “Hit Guitar” that I found at Savers.

I made the amplifier from an LM386 and I used some of the guts that were leftover in the Hit Guitar case as well – the power/volume switch, the power LED, the “Hit Button” and a couple of the passive components. The Hit Button changes the gain from 20 to 200.

I’d guess it’s probably not a good idea, as far as electronics and audio go, to piggyback on the existing junk in there, but I thought it would be fun to make this thing a real parasite on the Hit Guitar and not just a visitor in its case.

Hit Guitar Schematic
Here’s a sort-of schematic.
Sorry for the scribbles.