“Idle Hands” 555 Keyboard

I made this keyboard from a $1 toy that I bought at Savers. I made some changes to the electronics including pitch control, a 555 timer circuit that adds extra resistance in secret places, a speed control for the timer, 1/4″ output jack, and a touch-contact for good measure. I fabricated the case from cold-rolled steel and acrylic.

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NESpad/SNESpad: Nintendo Joystick Libraries for Arduino

I wrote this library, called NESpad, for anyone who wants to interface an NES game pad with the Arduino microcontroller. I also made an SNES library (SNESpad), but I haven’t tested it with an actual SNES joystick.

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The Hit Guitar

My stylish project amp, in all its monophonic glory…

Hit GuitarI’ve been trying to make music and noise from electronic gadgets and components. I wanted to make an amplifier that I could accidentally fry and not be upset about, so I made this one from the “Hit Guitar” that I found at Savers.

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