Using OSCemote with Processing

This is my tutorial for using Processing with the OSCemote iPhone app.

Josh Minor’s OSCemote app is definitely the best OSC client I’ve found for the iPhone. In addition to the main OSCemote site, there’s a Google code project page with tutorials and other good stuff. I didn’t see a Processing tutorial, but it’s super easy to make the two work together so I figured I’d post the basics here.

On the iPhone

The first step is to buy OSCemote. Once you’ve installed it, you can take a look at the list of OSC messages that it sends. Your Processing sketches will respond to the incoming messages that you’re interested in by attaching a function to be triggered each time one of those OSC messages is received.

On the Mac

As far as the Processing end goes, you might want to try out the TUIO library (for multitouch events), but you don’t have to. You can respond to those TUIO messages and any of the other (simpler) messages that OSCemote sends by using only the oscP5 library for Processing. Download it and drag its folder into your “libraries” folder (which should reside in the same folder where you keep your Processing sketches).

Make it Happen

Once you’ve installed OSCemote on your iPhone and the oscP5 library on your computer, you’re all set. Check out this super simple example of how to associate a function with an incoming OSC message:

oscemote_tutorial.pde (download text or HTML formatted source)

After you’ve looked at that sample code, check out these other simple sketches that I’ve posted.

More Info

If you’re interested in knowing more about the OSC messages that your computer is receiving, I’d recommend buying OSCulator (MacOS) or downloading the command-line program “dumpOSC” (which can be found inside the download of the source code for Performer).

Finally, maybe you want to start thinking about making your own interface panels for OSCemote instead of using the standard 6 panels that it comes with. (Chances are the 6 default ones will work fine for you, but it’s great to know that you can make custom panels easily).

Good luck and congratulations, you just saved yourself $2K. ;)